5 of the Best Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2020 Explained

Affiliate marketing can provide anyone with passive income. In fact, people can even choose to make it their full-time job and reap the benefits that this industry brings.

As with any other thing in the world, there are affiliate marketing trends that marketers should definitely know of. Today, I am going be talking about some of the best affiliate marketing trends for 2020 and I will explain them in greater detail.

Push Notifications Are Here and Now

It is without a doubt that the vast majority of people all over the world have access to smartphones and other related mobile devices. Because of this, push notifications will now be the main means to contact your audience.

Back in the day, email marketing was the best choice for that, but as trends change, we now have to adapt to new standards. Push notifications are easier to send, given that people, as I’ve said, already have mobile devices on their hands so that they can check it readily.

Smaller Affiliate Networks Will Rise

Sure, there are some affiliate networks that have been around for more than 10 years with the likes of ShareASale and CJ Affiliate, but it is now time to embrace some newcomers in the industry.

The reason why smaller affiliate networks will rise is more of an issue of congestion than anything else. Of course, diversifying your affiliate programs is best-suited for anyone who wants to maximize their time as affiliate marketers.

Email Sales Funnels Will Be More Popular

For those of you who do not know, email sales funnels are a collection of emails that you can send to your audience as a means of establishing a fruitful and meaningful relationship. There are some that value the use of sales funnels while others do not even know what it is. Still, it is a great way for you to engage with your audience and entice them to become your consumers.

Influencer Marketing Will Play a Huge Role

Social media has been around for so many years now but it was only until recently where people now have the means to be popular on a certain platform and gain money by just creating content.

Influencer marketing is where an influencer, may it be on social media or Youtube, will create content, gain an audience, and make them appealing to brands and sponsors. You could say that that type of digital marketing is like a baby brother of affiliate marketing. It is going to play a major role in the coming years so you may want to adopt the new standard.

Optimize Your Content for Mobile

Back then, people can only access the internet by using a bulky desktop computer. They can still do that using the said device, but more and more people now opt for the more portable, mobile devices such as smartphones, phablets, or tablets.

Therefore, affiliate marketers should always make use of responsive web design and they must also think about optimizing their content for mobile.

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