Electronic Devices That Use Gold In Them

Do you know that there are certain engineering products such as Omron electric components that use gold as one of the elements? The price of gold for each product varies according to age, label, prototype, gold pureness, and method of recovering. as such of these variants, we can’t tell you precisely how much gold you can normally find in each product.

Electronic Devices That Use Gold In Them

Nevertheless, the list below has been sorted by estimated gold composition, in order from the lowest to the highest; concrete examples within each classification are also in order of the lowest to the highest predicted gold composition.

Cell Phones & Tablets

The proportion of gold in cellular phones is very tiny; it takes about 10,000 phones to get 10 troy ounces. You can discover outdated cell phones in vast quantities, even so, as many people generally start replacing them every couple of years. Both aged cell phones and brand new smartphones have gold in them. In many situations, tablets are basically built like huge smartphones, then you can hope to find a comparable higher quantity of gold in them.

Media Players

Gold is on the electronic components of Blu-ray, CD and DVD players, and also VCRs and Betamax players. Betamax players have surprisingly large integrated circuits, but Betamax players have been a short-lived innovation which can be difficult to find.

Stereos & Radios

Ancient stereos and radios comprise somewhat more gold than later ones, because they often get more gold-plated elements, but all stereo systems do have gold integrated circuits.


Both camcorders and digital still cameras have electronic circuits with gold elements. In fact, camcorders — especially the older one’s prototypes that capture full-size VHS tapes — have bigger circuits that include gold as well as other precious materials such as silver, copper, and lead.


There are around five ounces of gold in 2,000 PC circuit boards or 200 perfect desktops. There is usually more gold value in older computing power and personal computers from the 1990s or earlier. Apart from the circuit boards, the modem cards, graphics cards, and memory parts also comprise gold.


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