When starting a new content marketing campaign, you need to consider a vast range of content types. Fill your mind with lots of viable choices, from eBooks and blog posts to info graphics and videos. Don’t miss out on one amazing avenue, though—mobile applications.

Mobile apps are also content. Developing it is far more expensive and difficult, but it can reap the most amazing results. In order to achieve a huge ROI, you need looking for app developer to increase installations and downloads. How can you do this? Promote it to a relevant audience. This can be made possible by a two-pronged approach. However, your own budget will dictate how you can carry out the right tactics.

  • New App Launches with a Small Budget

Your very first goal in the launch must be to get the most profitable users to widen your marketing budget. In order to do this, you should get installations without spending too much on advertising.

The overarching goal as you first launch should be to acquire the most profitable users to expand your marketing budget.

Take advantage of Twitter and Facebook. Facebook was the very first to roll out mobile application ads. You just need to copy, and then paste the app store’s URL to the Ads Create tool. Afterwards, add the link to your Facebook page.

On Twitter, on the other hand, has a similar procedure. It gives advertisers plenty of options to target, depending on their mobile platform, gender and other things.

Both of these choices are very affordable—perfect for those who have limited budget plans.

  • Proven App Concept with a Medium-to-Large Budget

Have you tested your application concept? Do you already have a user base? Are you generating enough revenue from your mobile app? Then, it’s time for you to create more impactful approaches that require bigger budget plans. Expand your business reach through several app recommendation platforms.

App recommendation companies have a big network of mobile publishers who are willing to recommend your mobile app to their audiences. They can also match your mobile app to the most appropriate users, depending on their online content consumption habits.

Through their help, your app will have better-quality installations, improved lifetime value, and bigger usage rates.