The 3 Main Culprits Behind The Rise In Type-2 Diabetes

Diabetes Is Taking A Hold On The Younger Population

Type-2 Diabetes is actually quite a common disease nowadays. That is due, in large part, because of our unhealthy eating habits.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach children the ways of eating healthy. This is so that they will know what, how, and when to eat and they can carry this all throughout their life.

That being said, there are actually 3 main culprits behind the rise of Type-2 Diabetes and today, I am going to talk more about them so please read through the rest of the article to find out what they are and what you can do about them.

Big Portion Sizes

If you go to fast food establishments or restaurants, you will find that they serve bigger portions of their own creations. Although there is nothing wrong with that if the food is good for x number of people, but that presents a problem when it is intended for only one person.

Research has shown that restaurants and other food establishments are already using larger plates in this day and age. What used to be a 10-inch plate now ballooned to much bigger ones that can even span more than double that!

I am actually quite surprised that I was served a huge portion of burger and fries. I think that you can feed 3 or 4 people with it! But again, this is only intended for one person so that is why I think that the problem then arises.

Sure, your child needs food to grow, but you have to instill it to them that you only eat to live. Eating copious amounts of food not only leads to type-2 diabetes, but they can also be at higher risk for other diseases as well.

What you can do in the event that you eat outside is to ask the restaurant how big their serving sizes are so you can plan accordingly.

Hidden Sweeteners

According to the American Heart Association, they recommend that children ages 2-18 should not consume more than 25 grams of sugar (roughly 6 teaspoons) per day.

The problem with this is that most foods nowadays often have sugar denoted by another term. Some terms include Corn sweeteners, fructose/dextrose, Corn Syrup, Fruit Juice concentrates, among others.

Processed foods are usually the culprits behind hidden sweeteners. So, as much as possible, limit the number of processed foods you give to your kids.

Eating Mindlessly

We’ve all had moments where we get distracted either by watching TV or playing video games and we gorge on foods without ever thinking of how much we’ve eaten during the past hour or so. This is one of the ways that anyone would gain a lot of unneeded weight, which would cause a lot of other problems such as gout, heart diseases, problems in the bedroom (as in having trouble in delaying ejaculation, pay attention, gents) and a myriad of other issues.

I admit that I was also guilty of this. Instead of eating mindlessly, teach your children how to eat mindfully.

This means that you teach your children that if they get hungry, they eat only the right amount of food. And, if they have eaten already, they stick with the portion sizes until the next meal or snack time.

Doing this will help instill in your children that they should be more mindful of their food timings.



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