What Are the Filthiest Things You Can Tough at the Gym?

You could say that the Gym is the perfect place to get fit, but it is also the place where you can get a lot of nasty things. You have to understand that people sweat a lot inside the place, which is also the reason why the proliferation of many diseases is high in certain parts of the gym.

People go to the gym for plenty of reasons. They either want to become healthy individuals so that they can last long in life and they can certainly last longer in bed. There are also some people that would frequently go to the place to lift weights and build muscle. And, there are also those people that just want to de-stress after a week of heavy and intense work.

No matter what reasons you have for going to the gym, you could say that the place serves as a petri dish for various bacteria to thrive and proliferate.

Now, there are certain places in the gym that are notorious for being a hotbed for bacteria. Luckily, a gym attendant that has worked for more than 15 years is willing to divulge helpful information about the dirtiest and filthiest places in the gym.

If you want to know what they are, then do read on to find out.

Bathroom Doorknobs

Look, people that come and go to the bathrooms in the gym normally do not wash their hands after using it, says the gym attendant.

In fact, people would quickly go back to their workouts after having a short piss and they certainly touch the doorknob. The problem is that only rarely do you see people washing their hands properly before they leave.

So, the next time that you go to the bathroom, do your very best not to touch the doorknob as it can potentially become a hotbed for bacteria.

Treadmill Handles

The treadmill is arguably one of the most used machines inside the gym, but the attendant tells us that the treadmill handles can be a potential haven for bacteria.

You see, when people use the treadmill, they will wipe their sweat, cough on their hands, or pick their nose while they’re using the machine. And what’s worse is that they also touch the handles as well after doing such things.

Imagine a person coughing or sneezing and then touching the handles afterward! Geez!

Shower Floors

There are some gyms that have complementary showers for their patrons, but I suggest that when you use the amenity, you have to wear some flip-flops or some footwear.

Since a lot of people are going to use the showers after working out, they could potentially leave behind bacteria and other harmful agents.

For those of you who do not know, bacteria for ringworm and athlete’s foot are quite common in the gym, so you may want to wear some footwear when you’re going to use the showers from now on.


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